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Years behind the chair :

14 years

Home state :
West Coast of Florida

Specialties :
Multi dimensional hair color, hair cutting , up styling for events, keratin straightening, extensions and make up

Turn On’s :
Vulnerability. I feel that in any relationship, either with a spouse, friend or client, when we can let our guards down and have trust and communicate openly, true and lasting relationships can transpire. Also beautiful healthy hair, The History Channel, poetry, Bill Bryson and anyone who can bust a move on the dance floor.

Turn Off’s :
Processed food, negativity, bad hair extensions, anyone that thinks they know it all and they have nothing left to learn from anyone else and anyone who cannot bust a move on the dance floor.

Well I went to cosmetology school while I was still in high school at the age of 16… From the time I can remember I was into the arts. Whether it was dancing, drawing, or writing poetry, it was clear early on that having a creative career was in the stars for me. I started at my first salon at the age of 17 and was immediately thrust into extensive Tony and Guy education. By the time I was 18 this company was sending me all over the country to week long in depth training with Tony and Guy . It was exciting and terrifying and an incredible opportunity that I only years later realized how much shaped my career. After that I went on to choose different companies to do training with over the years such as Paul Mitchell, Beth and Carmine Minardi out of New York City, some Aveda and short to long hair extension. I have had the blessing of working with so many incredible individual platform artist over the years. All in all, I’ve worked with and learned from some incredible people and owe them many thanks to helping shape the hairstylist and woman I am today.

What inspires you?
Fashion! I LOVE fashion. Design. I LOVE design. Shapes, textures, colors and patterns, oh my! As I go through my day, any and every day, all these things inspire me from a piece of clothing or the color palette on a pillow case, I can relate anything to hair work. Everything in life is impermanent, so the ever changing flow of fashion and design with hair or in general is exciting for me, a constant shifting energy is a constant in our work, and it’s something that I enjoy and is motivating for me. Aside from this more creative technical side of my mind, the other thing that inspires me are my clients. The ability to make someone feel more beautiful is a gift. And not something I take lightly. As stylists we can profoundly affect the way someone feels about themselves In a positive way. This is the reason I know I will always love what I do. I will always wake up every morning excited to go to work.

Favorite era for hair:
So I wish to start by saying that I think my favorite era in general has to be the 50s.. Not that I was alive in this time (obviously ) however, it seems that it was such a beautifully innocent time… A time before we knew that Coca-Cola, cigarettes and sun tanning was bad for us. I wish I could have lived then. But as far as hair goes I would have to say the 1970s… I feel that hair in this time was somewhat similar to the trends of today, and similar to the hair that I really enjoy doing .. I love doing hair that is easy for my clients to maintain themselves, hair that when the wind blows or you run your fingers through it still looks beautiful and fabulous. Things were very natural and flowing then . people would work with the natural hair that they had, instead of fighting it.. (Like the perms and straightener’s that became popular after that era) . I also have to add that I do love also the very architectural styles that came in the 1980s. very much a juxtaposition of the messy flowy hair of the 70s, but something I like to do equally.

What makes you special?
I feel that I can say confidently that I am a good listener, a good friend, honest and loyal.. Sometimes in life that can be hard to find, and I guess if something is hard to find that makes it special. Also, you better believe I can bust a move on the dance floor.