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Years behind the chair:
17 years

Home State:

People who are comfortable in their own skin, anything having to do with being in nature (hiking, climbing, wandering, playing in the any body of water), MUSIC, random acts of kindness, when someone really knows how to give or take a compliment, having your passion provide for you in life and not have to live in a van down by the river…unless that’s your passion; then rock on!

Cosmetology school in southern California, intensive instructional classes at Vidal Sassoon Academy in San Francisco and Santa Monica California, L’oreal advanced color technique classes. I also attend regular demo classes for cutting and color to stay on top of all the current trends. Bringing it back to “there is no excuse” for a bad haircut or color.

What inspires you about doing hair?
It’s my art, my craft, I will draw inspiration from various music scenes, street art, fashion, past eras. Inspiration will strike when I see someone on the street with a really original look and I’m hit with a desire to translate it into a wearable look for my clients. I also love that client that is discovering their own style and I have the honor of helping them complete their new persona with completely new hair…especially when it’s been a work in progress.

Favorite Era:
There are so many! I love the history of hair and how it was quaffed to complete a look or make a statement. Men and women have cut, set, combed, molded, shaved, dyed all for the sake of looking fashionable, professional, rebellious, or conforming. From the 18th century all the way to modern day, I can find something that appeals the artist in me.
What makes you special? What I do for a living! I borrowed the following from a friend that describes perfectly what makes every stylist special… “Well in a nutshell I read people’s mind , I trust that I know best , I make people laugh and smile , I come in on my day off because you desperately need me , I morn your loses , I have cried with you , I make you feel special and beautiful , I give you advice , I share my energy and creativity with you , I offer you a beverage , I change the music for you depending on your mood , I help you financially when times are tuff , I know your kids , I remember all of your important memories , I encourage you , I motivate you , I coach you , I always try my very best to be positive even if in my life there are struggles , I have to make my service feel worth the money you pay in hopes that you will be my forever client ” Or you can just call me an angel that happens to do hair !