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Gorgeous hair can be your best accessory, and these days it’s even easier to enhance your locks with hairextensions. Length, volume, color; these bad boys afford you a risk-free way to play around with your look. But the many different types of extensions, on top of the various ways of applying them can be a bit daunting to navigate. So here’s a breakdown of the big hitters, and a few types and methods our ladies at Voodoo specialize in.

First lets talk the classics. Clip-ins, tape-ins, and wefts; these guys can be either human or synthetic hair, and any color you can imagine. All of these afford you a little more flexibility as they are fairly easy to put in and take out. They are applied at the top of your hair next to the scalp via their given attachment method and can either be removed by taking out the clip, with a remover solution, or with some moisturizing conditioner. So if you’re just playing around with color or looking for some extra volume or length for a special occasion these might be right up your alley.

For something a little permanent we head into Hot and Cold Fusion territory. Our stylists only use 100% human hair for this, which means you can care and style it just as you would your own locks. Both methods are a little more labor intensive to put in. Jessyca, Voodoo’s Cold Fusion guru takes the extension and attaches it to your own hair near the scalp via a copper ring, and removes them the same way. Because these rings are clamped around your own hair they are the least invasive of the two methods, and can be reused. these bad boys will also last you about 4-5 months.

With Hot Fusion, Voodoo’s queen of this method, Sarah, has extensions tipped with Keratin. Your hair is made up of 90% Keratin, so when she heats that tip it bonds to your hair like glue. Because it is physically attached to your hair you need to wait for the bonds to loosen and fall out in order to remove them. These guys are also not reusable, but will last for 5-7 months.

So if you are thinking about playing around with your look or enhancing those gorgeous locks of yours, give us call and one of our lovely ladies will be happy to have a chat with you.

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