✔️ Cuts    ✔️ Color    ✔️ Photo Shoots  ✔️ Formal/Wedding  ✔️ Extensions

Years behind the chair:
20 and climbing

Home state:
Calli, Iowa and Oregon

Turn on’s:
Hair, cilantro, a great concert,, Colorado sunsets, being around people who are passionate about their lives, learning new things, and smiles

Turn offs:
Box color (just don’t do it!), people who are unhappy with life and don’t want to change it, not lifting the lid

Shears:long and even longer
Blow dryer: as many watts as the outlets and law allow
Curling iron: I have them all! Flat ones too

Redken, Aquage, Matrix, American Crew, TIGI ect ect the list can go on and on. If it involves hair, I am there up to my elbows in it.

What inspires you about doing hair:
Everything. It changes every single day from new techniques to the awesome clients that sit in my chair and keep me on my toes. Its a revolving door of inspiration, learning and making people feel amazing. Who could ask for better?!

What makes you so special:
I truly love what I do and being able to make people feel great. Its fun being a part of so many people story of life.