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Years behind the chair:

Home state:

 A creamy cup of iced coffee in the morning– genuine smiles, someone who can drum up a funny joke on the spot, driving with the windows down in the summer, and blonde balayaged beach waves.

Inconsistency, misuse of “their, they’re, and there,” when they’re out of skim milk for my iced coffee, getting stuck in a style rut, and cat hair.

“The bigger the hair the closer to God!” I want my hair to look like a mane every day of the week.

Aveda Institute Denver.  1 year intensive apprenticeship in Denver.  Demo classes for balayage, short cutting, women’s cutting, and up-styling.

What inspires you about doing hair?
 Inspiration strikes me the minute a client sits in my chair!  I try to create something unique and custom for each individual that will highlight their best features.  I find inspiration in everything from eye color to skin tone, and even personality!  I use these individual characteristics to to translate current trends into wearable, unique, “lived-in” cuts and colors.

Favorite era for hair?
 Modern day!  I love all things natural and effortless– I cannot get enough of this new “lived in” color!  Then add a textured LOB to match?! Drooling!!

What makes you so special?
I am a down to earth lady who just wants to make ya feel pretty!  I am an old soul with a big heart, and an open mind.