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Years behind the chair:
17 I think… been a while……..

Home state:
Yes, I am a Boulderite!

Dancing, exploring, a willingness to step into those pockets of discomfort, clear intentions, nourishing lifestyles with the exception to play hard once in while, INTEGRITY, a good sense of humor (lightens things up when the Scorp gets intense), open minds that can bend even further, Juxt-a-pose; glamorous meets rugged.

A clean upper lip with other facial hair (except maybe a soul patch) frivolous babbling idiots who are mindlessly stuck within their confines, worn out Polo shirts and a lack of integrity!

5.5 with a lil “Bling”

1800 watts, I like power
1 1/4″ curling iron (but we might have to blow the dust off)

My roots go back to Aveda, but I’ve added much to my repertoire; Advanced training in Organic Color Systems, Wella color, and Goldwell. I am Deva certified and have dabbled in education from Kevin Murphy, Bumble and Bumble, and American Crew to name a few. I have also had fun and gained much experience frolicking with the ladies in preparation for super fun hair and fashion events and shows. I am also a dreadlock specialist and trained extensively to learn the craft.

Okay, I also studied Contemplative and Somatic psych at Naropa (lends a hand in workin’ with those ‘lil bit “out- there” clients when I find them in my chair.)

What inspires you about doing hair?
hmmm….. I love connecting so intimately with people, helping them see their innate goodness and beauty, and seeing them walk away with a ‘lil skip in their step. Everything’s better when you like your hair, have the space to relax and be pampered, and have a great conversation. PLUS, what better way to explore and express my creativity!?!!

Favorite era for hair?
Roaring 20′s babe! so classic yet so much work. Modern hair is pretty fantabulous too; natural, asymmetrical, constructively messy.

What makes you so special?
Now that’s a silly question!