✔️Cuts ✔️Color ✔️Photo Shoots ✔️Formal/Wedding

Years behind the chair
8 Years

Home state
Austin, Texas y’all

An adventurous spirit, compassion, positivity through adversity, patience.. The smell after it rains, a familiar laugh, a hoppy pint..
A SOLID FADE, a seamless color melt, blunt bangs

Know-it-all attitudes, those who thrive upon diminishing others’ worth.. Itchy sweaters, messy dwellings, parking tickets..
over-processed, thirsty hair, long shapeless hair

6.0, 6.5 .. But really anything sharp, I’m pretty resourceful.

Under the watchful eyes of the most nurturing and charismatic instructors, I earned my certification & state licensing at Texas College of Cosmetology. Followed immediately by a 12-month apprenticeship w/ a National Educator for Paul Mitchell Systems. Currently, I continue my education every chance I get w/ Wella Sebastian, Kevin Murphy, UNITE and various other leaders of industry.

What inspires you about doing hair?
Like most, I draw inspiration from everyday occurrences.. I observe people on the street, travel to other cities/states/countries to gain a more diverse fashion culture.. I am also very much encouraged and motivated by witnessing those in my community who put themselves (creatively) out there, time and time again, risking rejection or mockery. Truth seekers, weirdos, trail blazers, artists.. inspiration is everywhere!

Favorite era for hair?
Oooooh tough one.. The 1960’s had the overall style I most gravitate towards. The mod colors, lines, shapes. But I also enjoy the whimsy of the 1970’s, feathered layers, beachy blondes, Afros.

What makes you so special?
I listen, I’m engaged. I truly want you to LOVE your hair and will work mercilessly to make that happen.