12 years

Home State
Virginia… is for lovers

Long, dark and straight edge style. Short, blonde, and perfect. Curly, red and feisty. You get the point here, I like it all!

Jealousy. It’s only acceptable when hair envy is involved!

5’10” hair down
6’2” hair up

Paul Mitchell the School (Atlanta) Bumble & Bumble University (cutting) Keratin Certified

What inspires you about doing hair?
My granny! I grew up brushing her hair out every Friday night before her hair appointment on Saturday morning. I loved spending that time with her and it definitely inspired my career choice. Do you know she still goes to the same lady after all these years?!? I love the loyalty of my granny so much and strive to have the same relationships with those I get to work with in my chair.

Favorite Era
My favorite era is now! Everyone I meet wants the latest and greatest of the current trends and I’m more than happy to deliver the very best!

What makes you special?
Southern gentlemen have so much charm; we listen, we talk, we have compassion. I love every ounce of my southern roots and love everyone I’m blessed to share them with!